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Chairperson, Luelmer Brown
Email: Staffparish@mtzionumclawnside.org

The Staff Parish Relations Committee is of the believe that the current position of the church in the lives of its membership is but a prelude to the position that the church should maintain in our lives. Thus, in support of the overall mission of the church to make disciples for Jesus Christ of its membership, the mission of this committee is to provide leadership and assistance in elevating this church in a manner consistent with that which God envisions.

The genesis of this committee is synonymous to the advent of the Human Resources function with the secular world. As such, the major components of our mission, parallels that of a Human Resource Department. The committee maintains a significant role in the life of the church with regard to the acquisition and discharge of employees.

Equally important is the Staff Parish Relations Committee's function as a conduit for concerns that develop between staff and membership, or membership and staff; the pastor and staff or staff and the pastor; membership and the pastor or the pastor and membership; etc. This committee "prayerfully" mediates, facilitates and orchestrates complexities that develop within the life of the church in an effort to foster "loving peace", harmony and God's will in the life of the church.

The significant difference in this committee's function, from that of its counterpart in the secular world, is housed in our vision to operate under the direction of God during the celebrations and the disappointments that are inherent in life, as well as in the life of our church.
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