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Chairperson, Donn Scott
Email: stewardship@mtzionumclawnside.org

The mission and vision of the Stewardship ministry is consistent with both the vision and mission of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. This ministry seeks to foster and encourage good stewardship among all persons within the church. The good steward is one whose actions are in alignment with God; who is the Creator and "Owner" of all that we as stewards manage. The Stewardship Committee has the responsibility to help the whole church "community" understand this responsibility and develop attitude focused on the welfare of the entire community. All persons within the community are encouraged to become more faithful and effective Christian stewards which include our time, talents (gifts) and possessions.

Some of the activities of the Steward Ministry include:
  • Planning and promoting an agenda for developing Christian Stewards.
  • Promote spending, saving, investing and giving consistent with a Christian lifestyle.
  • Invite persons in the congregation to explore tithing.
  • Create within the congregation a deepening commitment to personal and Corporate Christian Stewardship.
The response to the invitation to Christian Stewardship is part of an on-going faithful and spiritual journey that deepens and matures.
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