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Chairperson, Elaine Harper
Email: usherbd@mtzionumclawnside.org

Our Mission:
To provide a sincere genuine welcome, and to insure the accommodation of comfort and safety to those who worship with us. To glorify God through service and extend the service to the church community, by fulfilling the duties and privileges of serving as an usher.

Our Goals Are:
  • To provide a service that is acceptable to God in serving the congregation as an usher.
  • To anticipate and respond to any needs that the Pastor may have during worship service.
  • To assist with the worship service in creating a structured and pleasant atmosphere.
  • To assist in maintaining a clean and safe sanctuary.
  • To prepare as ushers to oversee and handle all kinds of situations that may arise in the course of a worship service.
The members of the Usher Ministry at Mt. Zion find it an honor and privilege in serving as ushers. Our ministry is one of welcoming and insuring comfort and safety for all who come to worship God. Every aspect of preparing the church for worship service is addressed prior to the start of service. Quite often, the usher is the first person a worshiper encounters at church, and the ushers at Mt. Zion earnestly attempt setting the tone for the day and dictating the kind of worship experience the worshiper may have. We understand that the entire experience is about serving God in the ministry of ushering in a place where the people of God gather to worship and be the community of faith.
We have an annual usher's day, during Sunday worship service, where we fellowship with other ushers from several counties in the state. Throughout the year, we visit and extend our services to other usher boards with their "special days". Any service that is held at church has representation from the usher board.

Meetings of the Usher Board are held the fourth Monday of each month.

"For a day in the courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. Psalm 84:10

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